How to use Code Interpreter with ChatGPT

As a technology agency we are always looking at the latest cutting edge technologies to bring more value to our clients. As a matter of fact, we even won last year a world class blockhain event ( ETHToronto ).Looking into how to install Code Interpreter, we were not quite sure how to do it so we thought it would be a good idea to show anyone else that is having trouble finding the Code Interpreter feature.First you need to have a ChatGPT Plus account which requires a monthly subscription with OpenAI that costs 20 USD.Next go in your User Settings, bottom-left of screen. Finally you will have access to Beat features where you only need to toggle on the Code interpreter.

  • Go to create a new prompt and hover over GPT-4 at the top. There should now be a dropdown that allows you to switch between the standard and Code Interpreter powered version of GPT-4.

  • Click on the Code Interpreter option.

  • The Code Interpreter plugin mode is now enabled! To use it, make sure this is selected when you start up a new chat.

Voilà you may now use this new productivity tool !The big problem with ChatGPT is that it would not give you actually functional code sometimes and you had to tweak by yourself the functions to make them work. Code interpreter runs the code in an environment where you can directly test the function.

As you can see I did not need to think about how to engineer this function and I now have a first iteration to build this kind of code. I even have some test cases with random numbers and I can see that is works correctly.

Keep in mind you should treat ChatGPT like your typical work colleague and analyze the code before deploying it to production. Code Interpreter is a huge leap in productivity for engineers but you should have business processes to mitigate any risk.

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